Here is a marketplace where SMEs and virtually anyone can keep 100% of their money

In Response To 2020, We Have Created A Pandemic Proof Community-Focused Marketplace To Support Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) To Swap Skills, Services And Facilities At No Cost. The Intended Audience For Our Platform Is Not Limited To Businesses; It Is Aimed At Virtually Anyone, From Homeowners, Students To Entrepreneurs.

Save By Swap 

Our platform aims to foster a sense of community by allowing users fall back on each other in times of hardship and struggles. Some of the major challenges for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) are limited access to finance, the right capacity and/or skill mix. The platform aims to support SMEs by helping them to collaborate and support each other. This is especially relevant during the current economic climate where resources and capacity are strained. The site also aims to help reduce waste and promote sustainability by encouraging users to swap their goods instead of throwing them away.

The type of community that Save By Swap is hoping to create includes anyone who swaps what they have for what they need. This is why the platform will be available to any and all at no cost.

We help local communities by letting anyone swap their goods or services for virtually anything at no cost to the user. 

Users can trade anything from: 

  • Business services like car repairs, lawn care/landscaping, computer repair, small home improvement projects, plumbing, moving assistance, tax preparation, financial planning and anything else in exchange for what they would like according to what they consider to be of equal and appropriate value. 
  • An IT company providing technical support to a company in exchange office space. 
  • An exchange of music performances in a pub for lunch 4 times a week. 
  • An exchange of a pair of designer shoes for a concert ticket. 
  • An entrepreneur exchanging their skillset to another business in exchange for office space. 
  • It could also be as simple as two companies pulling together their resources to deliver one product to their customers. 

As long as both parties are happy with the values of the goods being exchanged, anything is possible. We simply want to reduce the exchange of currency for goods and services. Our focus is to aid communities thrive whilst depending on each other.

One of the oldest methods of exchanging items of value in history was the battering system. In this present era, creating a network with the use of online swapping would strengthen our vision for kind community. Bringing together all manner of swapping under one platform is our goal and you, play a lead role.

Exchange Strikes Back

Save by swap is a unique platform that allows you to be in complete control of exchanging what you have for what you need. This online marketplace removes the currency transaction leaving you with a simplified version of trading.
Businesses of any size, individuals, entrepreneurs and homeowners can place an ad of what they need in exchange for what they have. This is not your typical classified ads platform.

From providing project plan in exchange for office space to exchanging a dress for a pair of heels. The goal is to build resilience in our local communities. Browse relevant categories and simply post an ad or respond to an ad. It is that simple!

How does Bartering work?

It is very simple. Simply state what you have in exchange for what you want. For this to be effective, mutual exchange should be considered equal by both parties. Individual participants in the exchange process should be equally interested in each other’s goods and services. To ensure mutual satisfaction Save by swap is offering its platform for you to list the products or services, you have in exchange for what you consider as appropriate/perceived value.

Posting an Ad

By posting an ad you are reinforcing partnerships within your community. By exchange will you have a surplus for what you really need can support local community.