• January 11, 2022 17:42
  • Smethwick, West Midlands, West Midlands

a very spacious and bright 2 bedroom house With 2 living rooms for Exchange for a similar house’s in Small Heath or close surroundings area’s.

This property is owed by Midlands Heart with *secure tenancy* (which mean’s you can live here for however long you want unlike short term or fixed term contracts).

Any repairs needed to this house are done straight away unlike Birmingham city council who take there time. as I have experienced this from living in a council house for 7 years before moving into this one.

I have been at this property for around 6 years now and have had no problems living here and have brilliant neighbour living on both sides of the road.

only wanting to move just so I can be a bit closer to family or I wouldn’t move. I don’t mind if your property is housing association or council house it doesn’t bother me. as long its a 2 or a 3 bedroom house with secure tenancy and close to where I want to live.

this house is fully double glazed and has brand new central heating system installed with brand new radiators through out the house. the property has 2 living rooms which you probably can make one of them into another small bedroom if you wanted, it has a good sized kitchen.

the bathroom and toilet are located upstairs and the bedrooms our a good size both can fit double beds in them. there is a very Large back garden which is slabbed half way with grass on the other half.

The roads I would like to be close to our Starbank road, Fosbrooke road, Hob moor road, Heybarnes road or anything near them.

I am Happy to Pay up to £1000 towards moving costs or to decorate the house which ever one you prefer.

if you have any question then please do not hesitate to contact me by email or on my mobile.


Smethwick, West Midlands,West Midlands


Smethwick, West Midlands,West Midlands

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