• April 18, 2022 08:48
  • Broughton, Cheshire, Chester, Cheshire, Cheshire

Listed as – open to sensible offers

Time has come to accept that I won’t have time to put my Spitfire back into a running car and should let her either be a project or donor car.

Sadly, she has been parked up for more years than I can bring myself to own up to, but it is at least 12 years. Time has not been good to her bodywork and you should consider most of the panels to be shot. That’s why I’m her listing as a donor car.

So what’s her good points!
– well she has a hard top, overdrive, SS exhaust, K&N Air, rollbar, all the running gear/engine/elecs/lights and is complete, well except anything might have fallen off like wing mirrors 😊. She had a full rebuild when I was running her – this included new interior with cream leather seats, cream panels, blue wool carpets etc. No expense was spared at the time. Full folder of work.

I realise that it would probably be better to strip her and sell all the parts separately – but before doing so thought it worth putting her out there and see what interest as a complete donor car – or even a project if you like a full body restore.

There is easy access for trailer/loader, but will need to bring set of wheels as her tyres have perished.

I’m open to fair and considered offers – but sensible ones please as this is not a fire sale.

More than happy to provide more photos / info to help you understand her further. When I get time and daylight, I will do a better assessment and update the ad with better info/photos.

Thanks for looking – don’t hesitate to ask any questions.


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Broughton, Cheshire,Chester, Cheshire,Cheshire


Broughton, Cheshire,Chester, Cheshire,Cheshire

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